September 24, 2019

Getting started

In this getting started guide we will go through the steps needed to successfully embed the Distributed Manufacturing widget on your website, so that you can start to automatically get orders from your customers.

1. Login to the dashboard

After successfully registering to Distributed Manufacturing you will receive an email containing your password.

welcome email

Copy the password and click on the 'GO TO DASHBOARD' button or navigate directly to where you will complete your first login.


2. Setup the dashboard

Upon successfully logging in you will be inside your dashboard. This is where you can manage your account, widget and orders. In order to correctly embed the Distributed Manufacturing widget on your website you will need to provide some information. Let's go through the different steps.

2.1 Select the currency for the payments and provide the public PayPal merchant ID

Go to the Finance panel in your dashboard. Distributed Manufacturing currently uses PayPal to handle payment processing. If you don't have one already, you will have to create a PayPal business account. Locate then your PayPal merchant ID and copy it in the corresponding field in the Finance panel on your dashboard. Then select your currency. Only the currencies handled by PayPal are present and you should select the one corresponding to your main currency on your PayPal account.

PayPal merchant ID Finance panel

2.2 Setup the ordering widget

Go to the Laser Widget panel. Here you will provide the information to customize your widget.

2.2.1 Fill in the settings

In the General tab, fill in all the information. For details, see the related documentation.

Laser widget settings

2.2.2. Add materials

In the Materials tab, add at least on material. For details about how to create and handle materials, see the related documentation.

Laser widget materials

2.2.3 Add shipping methods

In the Shipping tab, add at least on shipping method. For details about shipping methods, see the related documentation.

Laser widget shipping methods

3. Embed the widget on your website

If you did everything correctly, in the Widget tab of the Laser widget panel you will see an html code. Copy it.

Laser widget main tab

Now got to the html code of your website and paste the code where you want your widget to appear. E.g.:

Widget code snippet

The Distributed Manufacturing widget will be loaded on your website.

Laser widget

4. Handle orders through the dashboard

Once the widget is successfully added to your website, your customers will be able to place orders through it. Once a new order is created you will receive an email and the order will appear in the Orders panel of your dashboard where you will be able to handle it. For details about handling orders, see the related documentation.

Orders panel