September 24, 2019

Handling orders

When a customers completes successfully a new order you receive an email notification and the order becomes visible in the Orders panel of the dashboard.

Orders panel

If you click on an order you can access all the information related to it, divided in 4 sections: Order, Payment, Contact details and Shipping.

Order view

In the Payment section the Transaction ID refers to the PayPal's transaction ID, so that you can retrieve and check the order also on the PayPal's dashboard. Also the Status in the Payment section refers to the status of the payment on PayPal, while the Status in the Order section refers to the status of the order in Distributed Manufacturing as set by you (New, Declined, In progress, Refunded and Completed). You can check the details about PayPal's payments statuses on the PayPal API's webpage.

From the Downlad button you can download the original file uploaded by the user and the project file where red lines indicate cutting paths and green line engraving paths.

After reviewing the order you can decide if you want to accept or to decline it by clicking on the relative buttons. If you decline the order the money paid by the customer will be returned to his account via PayPal; if you accept it, the transaction will be captured and the money will be moved to your PayPal account and the order status will be changed to In progress.

Order actions

When you accept an order, two different actions become available: Refund and Mark as completed. When you refund and order the money go back to the payer. Please refer to PayPal's policy on refunds. When you mark an order as completed the status of your order becomes Completed. This information is for you and no action takes place on the payment/PayPal's side. After marking an order as completed you can still refund the money.