September 24, 2019

Shipping methods

In the Shipping tab of the Laser widget panel you can handle your list of shipping methods. This will available to your customers through the widget when they will visit your website.

Laser widget shipping methods

In order to create a new shipping method click on the Add new shipping method box; a new window will appear.

Laser widget edit create shipping method

Here you can set all the parameters for your new shipping method. Let's see them one by one:

  • Name: The name of your shipping method, as it will appear on the shipping method card. You cannot have two shipping methods with the same name. It should contain the key information like currier's name and expected delivery time after shipping.
  • Base cost: The starting cost for this shipping method. It will be added to the percentage cost to calculate the final shipping price.
  • Percentage cost: Added to the base cost, it is calculated based on the manufacturing cost of the item(s) to be shipped.
  • Served countries: Here you can specify the countries where this particular shipping method is available. Only these countries will be available for your customers to choose from on the laser widget.

Once you click SAVE the shipping method is added to the list and becomes immediately available on the widget. You can then edit or delete an existing shipping method by clicking on the relative buttons.